GSM repeater

GSM (“Global System for Mobile Communications”) is a technology that was to be used in 1992 to create a network that would allow everyone in Europe to be reached on the go. It is part of the second generation (2G) and is still one of the most widespread mobile communications standards in the world.

There are so-called GSM repeaters or GSM amplifiers so that you can receive the signal of the mobile network with your mobile phone even in remote locations. As the name suggests, these amplify the signal so that you can be easily reached in the basement or office, for example. However, since it is a radio network and an amplified radio signal or an independent transmission system, the operation of GSM repeaters is subject to certain legal restrictions. For example, in Germany all of these devices must have a CE mark, which confirms at first glance that they meet the technical regulations applicable in Germany and can therefore be used for amplification.

We also point out that our GSM amplifiers can only amplify signals that are already there. So if you are in a region where no GSM signal can be received, even the best amplifier cannot help to improve your cell phone reception.

How does GSM work - and how and why does it need to be strengthened?

Your wireless service provider determines which wavelength or frequency your cell phone uses to send or receive signals. These frequencies are divided into so-called frequency bands: 800, 900, 1,800, 2,100 and 2,600 megahertz. The GSM signal is transmitted at 900 megahertz and used for phone calls and SMS, but is gradually being replaced by Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in this function. In the 2G network, it takes between four and ten seconds for the connection to be established via GSM.  

Depending on where you are and where the nearest transmission tower is, the signal amplification built into your mobile phone may no longer be sufficient and you may have poor or no reception. This means that the person you are talking to can only understand you poorly or not at all, or that calls are even broken off completely. This is exactly why GSM repeaters are so useful: Imagine that you suddenly lose reception during an important conversation with your customers. In the worst case, this can lead to your clients losing interest. Both sides definitely get frustrated quickly. Or you're stuck in the middle of a phone job interview and your connection keeps dropping. This does not make a good impression on your potential new employer and makes the phone call considerably more difficult for both parties.

Reception is often reduced on vacation or in remote or wooded areas. Either because there are too many trees interfering with the signal, or because there are fewer transmission masts than in the city, for example. In both cases the signal is not available with sufficient strength and you have no reception. This problem is solved with a GSM repeater and you are not only reachable again, you can also call for help in an emergency, for example.

Even in the middle of the city, there can be times when you don't have reception in your own home. This is often due to the fact that new buildings are now so well insulated that no signal from the outside can penetrate your apartment or house. Nobody wants to be unreachable within their own four walls or not be able to call anyone. In this case, too, the GSM repeater can help and ensure that you do not have to go into involuntary isolation in your own home.

GSM repeater at mixmax-24

For trouble-free and improved accessibility in your home, your office, your hobby room or on vacation, mixmax-24 offers you GSM amplifiers with various choices in terms of antenna (2G or 3G antenna), which can be easily and easily installed practically anywhere can be mounted. If you have any questions about the special properties of our repeaters or are interested in other products from our range, please send us a message about our practical contact form.

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